Does water sit on your yard for hours, if not days, after rainfall?

Poor drainage around your home often is not recognised until the weather has dumped copious amounts of rain, then seems to take ages to dry out.

Many problems can be associated to poor lawn drainage:-

  • Most plants are not adapted to water-clogged soils.
  • You can’t enjoy your yard, let alone walk on it, until the water has completely dried out, which can take days. Walking on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction, which is also bad for your plants.
  • Sitting water close to your house’s foundations can be a big problem, since it may slowly seep into walls, possibly cause cracks, mould, and other problems.
  • Mosquitos may also be an issue. If the water stays on your lawn for two days or more, that is long enough for mosquito eggs to hatch.

The Sunshine Coast is prone to frequent wet weather.  All Aspects Landscaping are more than qualified to fix your drainage problem.  We have the necessary machinery and experience to complete a professional job.  We have created many aesthetically pleasing drainage solutions for lots of happy customers. If you've got a drainage problem you'd like solved, talk to us.